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About ImageDo you know that over 50% of your customers are looking for you on their cell phones? And this statistic is increasing every day to the point when it is expected that by 2015 there will be MORE households who will have cell phones and tablets than Computers.

What does this mean for you and your business? It means you that your customers are now very likely to be searching for information about your business on their cell phones

It means that when they find your website and it is not optimized for their cell phones, they probably will not be able to find the information they are looking for. Why?

Because the website they find will not be easy to view on their cell phones. Most people who are looking for information on their cell phones want it NOW, and because your website is not easy to navigate, they will shut it down and search for another.

Take a look at the video below:

We put your Marketing Message in front of your customers right where they are
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Websites Optimized For Cell Phone Viewing and Navigating.

Websites Optimized For Cell Phone Viewing and Navigating.

Why do you need a business website that is optimized for a cell phone?
Your mobile optimized website will be easy to navigate on any cell phone. (We make sure of that as we test every website we create. Our goal is to make every one easily viewable by every cellphone on the market).

While more and more Smart Phones are being sold than any other style of cell phone (IPhones, Android and Windows), there are still millions of people who have what is know as a Feature Phone".

Feature Phones are usually able to navigate the internet, but they do not have all of the "Bells and Whistles that IPhones, Windows Phones or Android driven phones have.

We make sure that your customers will be able to easily view and navigate your website on their phone no matter what style of phone they have.

See the Difference

See the Difference

Compare the difference between viewing a regular website on a cell phone and a site that is especially optimized for a cell phone.

Compare these sites viewed on a cell phone

Question: Which one would you choose to navigate on your cell phone?

Just How Much Do People Use Their Mobile Phone?

Just How Much Do People Use Their Mobile Phone?

Take a look at this chart. Perhaps you will be amazed at just how much a mobile phone is used by your clients.

cell phone usage

  • So where is the best place to find your clients?
  • How can you reach them?

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We Help You To Reach Your Clients

We Help You To Reach Your Clients

There is a high percentage of probability that when your clients need you they are in a car, on a bus, walking, or shopping.

They probably will not be near a computer, but they are almost guaranteed to have their cell phone in their hand.

The image below will give you an idea where YOUR clients are most likely to be:

cell phone usage

As you can see from this graphic, there is a VERY high possibility that your client will have their cell phone in their hand (or in their pocket or bag) in the precise moment they find they need your services.

The question is: will they find your website easy to navigate on their tiny screens?

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